Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.
John 7, 38



# Title Speaker Date
26 Let us prepare for our Lord`s Coming by gathering fruit for ethernal life 2014-12-28
25 How we should jointly prepare ouerselves for the second comming of the Lord and Savior 2014-12-14
24 Let the reality of our heavenly Britegroom's Second Coming determine every aspect of our lives in this present world! 2014-11-30
23 Let the coming of Christ be the motivating and the driving force for everything in your life! 2014-11-23
22 Let us remain patient until the Lord's coming in order to be able to receive our full reward! 2014-11-16
21 Oh, Bride, prepare yourself for your appearing with Christ in Glory! 2014-11-09
20 Bride of the Lamb, put on the helmet of salvation by contemplating the glorious future realities whitch we will experience when we will be revealed with him glory at his appearing! 2014-10-26
19 The hiddenness of our present existence in Christ as compared to its future manifestedness and glory 2014-10-19
18 Fullfilling God's eternal plan and purpose for our lives as His beloved people on the highway of true holiness 2014-10-12
17 The enabling spirit enables God's called ones to utilize all the means of grace and all relevant spiritual realities and principles to succesfally complete their journey to heaven 2014-09-28
16 The indwelling Spirit enables God's called ones to utilize everything to succesfully complete their journey to heaven 2014-09-21
15 The effective call and its glorious results 2014-09-14
14 The effective call is effected in consequence of "the golden chain of God's glourious initiative regarding salvation"! 2014-08-31
13 The order of salvation (ordo salutis) 2014-08-24
12 Since Pentecost, we experience the era and ministry of "the glory of God in and throught Christ Jesus" 2014-08-17
11 Move forwards in "the Anointing of the Holy One" for increasing abundance and success 2014-08-10
9 The true life of childlike confidence, obedience and communion in our Father's presence 2014-07-20
8 Genuine brotherly love and a pure conscience 2014-07-13
7 The Holy Spirit makes us like Christ - in our love to one another – 2 2014-06-29
6 The Holy Spirit makes us like Christ - in our love to one another – 1 2014-06-22

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